mobile home parks

Exploring Trailer Parks and Mobile Home Parks – A Possible Lucrative Investment Opportunity in the Evolving Real Estate Landscape

Real estate investing can be an exciting arena, and astute investors are constantly on the lookout for emerging opportunities with low acquisition costs and attractive returns on investment. A trend gaining ground and drawing investors’ interest is the potential profitability of trailer parks despite popular belief. They provide attractive returns due to their relatively low […]
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Richard Crenian – Taking A Closer Look at the Growing Fascination with Real Estate Investments by Tech leaders like Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology entrepreneurship, it is quite typical for top executives to broaden their investment horizons and lately these pioneers of technology are increasingly focusing on the real estate sector. This development poses a fascinating query: What understanding might these industry giants possess regarding the real estate domain that guides their investment […]
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multi tenant building

Guide to Investing in Multi-Tenant Buildings

Multi-tenant buildings investment can be an immensely profitable venture, but success requires taking an informed and calculated approach. Richard Crenian has provided insightful tips for investing in these multi-tenant properties to maximize profits. Let’s look at key indicators which can help identify when is an ideal time and signal to invest. Timing is key when […]
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multi tenant commercial real estate canada

What Is Multi Tenant Commercial Real estate?

Multi-tenant commercial real estate refers to properties that host multiple tenants within one building or complex. Designed specifically to accommodate and lease space to multiple businesses, organizations or individuals; tenants in multi-tenant real estate could include retail stores, offices, restaurants, medical clinics, co-working spaces and more. Key characteristics of multi-tenant commercial real estate properties: Diverse Tenants: […]
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how to invest in CRE

How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate (CRE)?

Investment in commercial real estate can be an attractive means of creating passive income and long-term wealth creation, but it must also be undertaken carefully with great consideration given to risks and consideration of all possible outcomes. Before diving in to commercial real estate investments, take time to educate yourself about the industry. Learn about different […]
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Why Rent Prices Are Expected To Increase Even More

Due to inflation and other factors, experts predict the already-dramatic rent prices are going to surge even more  Over the past few months, the Canadian housing market has overgone significant changes. Primarily influenced by the Bank of Canada’s decisions to raise its interest rates, the number of sales as well as home prices have been […]
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CAPREIT Is Now A Good Time To Invest In Hamilton’s Real Estate?continues To Trim Its Portfolio And Sells Stake In Three Ottawa Apartment Sites

In efforts to spruce up its real estate portfolio, CAPREIT has said farewells to three Ottawa apartment sites in a $136 million deal Canadian apartment REIT is continuing its efforts to remove aging ‘non-strategic’ assets from its real estate portfolio. Last week, it announced the sale of 50% non-managing interest in three condo properties in […]
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